Who We Are, Why I Love My Son

The Smart Mom's Guide to Cutting Medical Expenses Hello everyone!

Thanks for visiting. This is a “short but sweet” website, offering info on how to save on health care costs. Articles about saving on medical expenses will be on my “Smart Mom’s Guide” Facebook page.

To see my latest updates on medical expenses and the new health care law, please visit my main website at TheSmartMomsGuide.com

For previous posts, click on “Recent Posts” to the right (or the bottom) of this page.

To purchase my book, The Smart Mom’s Guide to Cutting Healthcare Costs, please visit my book sale website.

My other WordPress site will cover our efforts to create a documentary about my son’s autism journey. It will have articles not related to health care costs – some silly, some serious.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me at smartmomsguide@yahoo.com. Thank you!

disclaimer: Although Ms. Baker is dedicated to providing the most up to date tax and disability news, information sent from Ms. Baker is not to be taken as financial, medical, or other professional advice. Please seek a tax, financial, or medical professional for clarification.


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