Tax Time is All the Time

Tax Time is all the time My Dear Readers,

Welcome to post-tax-time tax season. Confused? As much as you’d love to think tax time is over, you know as well as I do that as a parent of a special needs child (or if you are the one with medical needs) tax season is never over. I will try to explain as briefly as I can because I know your time is short.

  • You have more medical expenses than the average family.
  • You make more trips to medical facilities than the average family.
  • You purchase medical food per a doctor’s prescription.
  • You purchase items that will improve your child’s (or your own) condition.

All of these actions and purchases have the potential to be tax deductible. Here is IRS Publication 502, Medical and Dental Expenses, that discusses just a portion of what medical expenses are potentially tax deductible.

I will be so bold to say that my book is one of the few out there that delves deeper into what is and is not a medical expense for tax purposes. I would encourage you to contact me at and request a free 14 page preview copy of my book, or at least read IRS Publication 502. In the meantime:

  1. Save all your receipts.
  2. Document your receipts – what it is, what it was used for, etc.
  3. Organize and store your receipts properly.

I wish you continued success in your journey towards empowerment over your health care costs.


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